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Package Design

Package design is not only an art of creating activity but also of marketing activity. Usually the designer is regarded as the expert of these two aspects. Carry on the package design in terms of marketing, the designer must clearly realize who does the design for? Why, and what about the package?

Some designer carry on the rules for just designing for himself, keep on his own style in case of seeking out of aesthticism. This kind of method always causes problem between designer and customers as complaining of the customer neglection about the art. However, it is the two components between art and the market.

Some designers follow the criterion designed for themselves, adhere to their own design styles, and pursue aestheticism. The designer may place a different concept on the art and can often criticize the customer for their lack of knowledge. However, art and market are two concepts.

Until the market develops to today, all the marketing activities of the enterprises should focus on the customers, including the package design. All the differences between the designer and the customer should focus on ther point of the consumer; the goal of package design is not targeted to the designers, although he can obtain the living cost through his design. of course it is not also for the customer, though the customer pays salary to the designers. The final goals of package design is actually for consumers. Thus failure of the package design can be avoided if this principle is insisted on.

The package design of the production like the people wear the clothes, have the purpose of protecting the goods and promoting the sales. These two purposes are not so simple and easy as designer imagined. Following with more and more abundance of the goods and fierce competition of the market of today, we need to clearly realize what the package design is, and what about the purpose.

When talking about production of the goods, both of designer and the customer's emphasize is: from production process to circulation process, trying to keep the productions in the field from circulation to consumption not being damaged. In fact, this kind of demand is far from enough, because the production's of being kept good doesn't mean its quality is good, besides package also including additional assessment, protecting goods function should be focused on consumer and help them to realize use value of the goods ato the maximum extent. Keeping intact goods can't be given full play to use, inconvenience to use or can't play out function of the goods are all failures of the package design.

The expert's definition to the package is the following: packaging means that use the proper material, container and technology to make the goods maintain an intact state in the course of transporting, keeping, and selling,in the modern market, one needs to have a new conception both for package intention and extension.

From aspect of intention, package is the products; it is an important component of the customer's consumption. Marketing includes: products, prices, distribution, and promotions. However, a lot of marketing employers will classify package as the fifth marketing factor. In fact, the intact goods concept should include three classes: the core product, tangible product, and additional product. Core product means the product genuinely required by customers when purchased, the tangible product means the brand, features, style, quality and package, additional product means serial of after sale services. so we can see that packaging is an important part of tangible products.

"Packaging is the product" theory is the extension service for our final consumer. The establishment of this conception will cause great changes in the field of packaging design.

Package Design
culinarium oesterreich series Item

Design and form the brand image with beautiful,
quiet, natural ,succinct and elegant script

The package design studying
Consumers Manufacturer
Marketing link
(retailer / whole seller)
consumers' association
Government organs
(1) Use and store
(2) convenient
(3) Composition inventory
(4) Explaination & guidance
(5) Life of product
(6) Treatment method
(7) Performance guarantee
(8) Environmental protection and security (but degradability)
(9) Protect the goods
(10) Repeated use
(11) Recovery
(12) Free service hotline (use in case of necessity)
(1) Firm , flexible (logistics is packed)
(2) Beautiful
(3) Environmental protection and security (the user and products)
(4) Cost
(material expenses)
(manufacturing expense )
(the salary expenses)
(storage expenses)
(freight) (carrying cost)
(5) Change demand
(6) Weight
(7) Antidetonation ability
(8) Specification of the packaging (promote the space)
(9) Material deliverability
(1) Firm , flexible (the container and outside packadge)
(2) Storage and transportation
(3) Antidetonation ability
(4) Striking
(5) Environmental protection and security (the user and products)
(6) Easy to keep
Easy to put
easy inventory (computer homework)
(7) Bar code
(8) the space between price and signs
(1) Overall safe
operation safe and use security
(2) Environmental protection and security (but degradability)
(3) Harmless to the health
(4) Composition inventory
(5) Operation instructions
(6) The taboo guiding
(7) Treatment method
(8) Responsibility assurance
(9) Quality guarantee period
(10) Nutrition guiding
(11) Recovery
(12) Legitimacy
(13) Free service hotline (use in case of necessity)
(1) There is no fraud
(2) Harmless to the ecology
(3) Environmental protection and security (but degradability)
(4) Overall safe
Operation safe Use security
(5) Correct identification
(6) Composition inventory
(7) Responsibility assuring
(8) Quality guarantee period
(9) Recovery
(10) Legitimacy

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