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  CIS definition and action

CIS(Corporate Identity System)enterprise management theory, and spiritual culture use and transmit to enterprises and social masses. They produce unanimous values for enterprises; therefore, reaching and forming the positive corporate image and design system of the promotion products.
CIS was proposed by the United States, using extensive popularization and application in Japan. CIS is a modern enterprise that moves towards whole, figuratively with system management in order to plant the brand-new concept.

Function that CIS corporate image designs
Corporate image strength
Enterprise's marketing strength
Enterprise's productivity
But the embodiment of the internal and outside administration behavior of enterprise. Today, the international market competition is growing increasingly competitive. The competition between enterprises is not merely products, competition in such respects as quality, technology, etc. Enterprises must seek survival from managing the idea. For example, the images are adjusted and upgraded, make long-term development plan and strategy, in order to adapt to the change of the market environment.

Present market competition is a competition of the image at first. The competition pursues CIS corporate image in design, implement corporate image strategy, and involves basic strategy of modern enterprises. For the image strength of unifying and promoting enterprises, make CIS corporate image design and demonstrate one side which is in accordance with the social values demand, enterprises must design their image management and image.

CIS corporate image design system make a reservation with enterprise or enterprise management theory for central, in order to include the management inside enterprises, foreign relation activity, all respects of advertising and other propaganda activities taking vision and stereo inclusively. Organize to melt and systematize the synthesis and design of the unity, all these respects appear in front of social masses with a kind of unified shape to strive to make enterprises produce the positive corporate image.

CIS corporate image designs the system as the design system with integrated corporate image. It sets up an intact and ideal method to transmit the corporate image. Enterprises can design their office systems and production correctly through CIS corporate image, administrative system, and marketing, packaging, advertisement systematic image form standardized design and standardized management. It can shift the enthusiasm of the staff member into participating in development strategy of enterprises in the future. Divide responsibility and obligation of enterprises through the integrated symbol form, make enterprises operating to manage effectively, set up its individual character image out of the common of enterprise, make enterprise products and similar products distinguishable, show one's talent among the counterparts, help enterprises to create the famous brand effect promptly and efficiently in order to dominate the market.

CIS corporate image design systematic implementation can make the management and administration of enterprises move towards scientific process and proper arrangement and tend to symbols. The corporation can increase the awareness of the management theory. According to the development of the market and enterprise, the CIS can make a set of management principle and standard management that can be carried out, consult and carry out in the form of symbol, make production process and market of enterprise circulate the procedure, in order to lower costs and loss.

In order to improve product quality, the corporation propagates the form to the outside, utilizes various kinds of media as the introduction of the unity and makes social masses accept information. The corporation can set up effective corporate image is it raises enterprise and popularity of product to come in a large amount, strengthen the memory and subscription rate to the enterprise products to the corporate image of social masses, make the enterprise products sell to the masses, and improve the quality of social and management enterprises.

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