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  CIS Composition

CIS system is discerned by the idea, the behavior, and the vision. These three aspects are known as the Mind Identity (MI), the Behavior Identity (BI), and the Visual Identity ( VI ).

Mind Identity(MI)
CIS corporate image designs idea identity is a business idea to identify the enterprise's distinctive. It is a identify system of operating idea such as the design, scientific research, production,marketing,service, management in the operating process. The ideology categories of enterprises include the following aspects: enterprising spirit, enterprise's values, enterprise's creed, management aim, operation policy, market orientation, industry forms, organizational system, community responsibility, and development plan.

Behavior Identity(BI)
CIS corporate image designs the behavior and clarifies the criterion in the management theory that is practiced by the enterprises. The system is able to create the corporate culture, plan the unity operation, and maintain a dynamic recognition system. It sets up a perfect organizational system, standard management, staff member's education, behavioral norm, and welfare system internally. The basic point of departure of management theory is the location, open market research, and product development. Another important point is the transmission of the enterprise's ideas through such ways as cultural activity of social public service, public relations, and marketing activity.

Vision Identity(VI)
CIS corporate image designs the visual identity develops centered on the incorporates logo, standard script, and standard color.It is a complete and systematic vision transmiting system. It transforms the abstract language as the enterprise's idea, culture specialty, service content, and the enterprise's normal into a concept of the concrete symbol, producing the unique corporate image. The vision recognition system is divided into two aspects:a basic key element system and application elements. The basic key element system includes: enterprise's name, logo, standard script, standard color, symbol pattern,publical spoken language, market-sale reporting books. The application system include the following: office supplies, production equipment, building environment, product packaging, advertising media, modes of transportation, the uniform, flag, signboard, marker card, display window, and display showing. The vision identity(VI) has the strongest propagating ability and influences in the CIS corporate image design system, and is the easiest to accept by social masses, according to those in leadership positions.

Composition that CIS corporate image designs
Item CIS corporate image design systematic structure CIS corporate image design systematic structure illustration
1 MI(Mind Identity System) The supreme decision level import the motive power of enterprise's recognition system, enterprise's management theory and spiritual culture.
2 BI(Behaviour Identity System) The dynamic discernment form is repaid to, participate in, organize an activity outward,organize, manage, educate inward.
3 VI(Visual Identity System) The static distinguished symbol is specified, the form of the visual communication has the most items,the widest aspecs is,and its result is direct.

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