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  CIS Implementation

CIS corporate image design system is an omni-directional, standardized, complex, and intelligent project which is also called the system project. The implementation and overall effect of system of this engineering is a long process. CIS corporate image is the prime policymaker. CIS corporate image experts and project executive committees are brought together in order to achieve excellence in corporate imaging. The design of CIS corporate image is a constant activity. The supervision that is implemented in a CIS corporate image project of system engineering is a complex process. CIS corporate imaging is essential to the development of enterprises in design; therefore,the CIS corporate image design experts who are in charge of finishing the CIS corporate image design system project should possess the following ability.

1.Planning ability
It is the ability to investigate and analyze the enterprise's domestic and foreign synthesis; To be familar with the market trend, study the enterprise's production management tactics, and ability to analyze and study the enterprise's employee's psychology and behavior; In the aspects of enterprise's idea (MI ), behavioral norm (BI ), the vision distinguishes (VI), make the creative thinking and proposal ability and CIS system engineering document creating and expressing ability.

2.Design capacity
The ability to express the integration of corporate and behavior idea in the vision design, the ability to show the standard and scientific of the vision recognition system,creative design capacity of recognition system in the space and plane application.

3.Co-ordinate ability
Goal managerial ability of the implementation in a certain stage; the ability to make a self-criticism, revision after utilization and implementation;the testing and feedback ability of the published result; the ability to apply the strategy of the media and the public relations.

4.Advertising planing ability
Advertising planing ability is the ability to express the cooperation of the CIS corporate image design strategy and advertising image creativit, the ability to identify the corporate image design and advertisement image. It is a system project, its operation is not completed by the common designers, but carried out according to the applicable report and analysis proposed by the experts of the CIS corporate image design,compile the design plan and implementing plan, passed the the authority of the administrative committee and then be carried out.And after receiveing the feedbacking suggestions from management departments and than carry out the CIS corporate image design internal management and the populization of the CIS corporate image design step by step as planed in all aspects to ensure the high-quality,strict and continous populization of the CIS corporate image design.

CIS corporate image is designed and made and implemented
Item Design situation investigation The tactics of the simulation of the image design basic system of designing The applicable design system The image identification manual Total
(1) Design of the present situation of the vision design questionnaire
(2) The present situation design materials in the same trade
(3) Examine and take a picture on the spot, survey and draw the record
(4) the design sample collection and analization
(5) The survey and report of the present situation of the visual design
(1) Establish the status of the image
(2) Establish the direction,principle, subject matter of the design
(3) Image concept visualized and symbolized
(4) The image concept is systematized
(5) The simulation design of the image concept
(1) Basic design
2.Standard word 3.Standard color
(2) Auxiliary elements design
1.Symbolized pattern
2.Mascot 3.The appointed script
(1) The material and products
(2) Account book forms
(3) Package supplies
(4) Means of transportation
(5) Identification signboards
(6) Flags
(7) Fittings of the clothing
(8) Office supplies, gifts
(1) Manual contents planning of CIS
(2) The typesetting,design,manusript completion of the CIS manual
(3) The design of front cover of CIS manual, complete the manuscript
(4) The design,making and manuscript completion of the electronic edition of the CIS manual
(1) Questionnaire design / 4 pages of A4
(2) The same trade designs present situation analysis / 5 pages of A4
(3) Take a picture /50 piece 3*5
(4) Design analisizing table / 10 pages of A4
(5) Report book/ 10 page *20 A4ses
(6) analise charts / 10,all opened
(1) Conceive the sketch of the pictures/ 100 picture A4s
(2) The trademark enroll standard sample/10 copies of the A4
(3) Simple munual comple design / 20 pursues A4
(4) Simulation design / The original size of the 30 items of the entities
(5) The image tactics analyse report / 10 page *20 A4ses
(1) Design and development proposals/ 50 picture A4s
(2) The standard design of trade mark registration / 10 A4s
(3) Editor's design of simple and easy manual / 6 pages of A4
(1) Design and develop the motions / 100 picture A4s
(2) Construction making chart/ 40 pursues A4
(1) It complete the manuscript CIS manual /70 page A4
(2) CIS manual design of front cover complete the manuscript /1 type A4
(3) CIS manual electronic edition CD / a type A4
(1) Design director / a person
(2) Investigate the persons who visit / 30 people
(1) Designdirector / 1person
(2) Enterprise planning execution /1 person
(3) Design guidance / 2 people
(4) Art designer complete the manuscript /2 people
(1) Design director / a person
(2) Enterprise planning execution / a person
(3) Design guidance / 2 people
(4) Art designer complete the manuscript /2 people
(1) Design director /1 person
(2) Enterprise planning execution /1 person
(3) Design guidance / 2 people
(4) Art designer completion of the manuscript /2 people
(1) Design director / a person
(2) Enterprise planning execution / a person
(3) Design guidance / 2 people
(4) Art designer complete the manuscript /2 people
Time of planning
(1) The investigation / 2 times live
(2) The survey report of present situation of design / 30 days for once
(1) The image tactics communication /twice
(2) image tactics simulation design proposals/ 30 days for once
(1) Design and development proposals/40 days for three times
(1) Design and development proposals/40 days
(1) Design, edit and proposal/40 days for twice
180 days
Cost 10,000-100,000 CNY/Case 20,000-200,000 CNY/Case 40,000-400,000 CNY/Case 50,000-500,000 CNY/Case 30,000-300,000 CNY/Case 150,
-1,500, 000 CNY

According to different design objects and concrete conditions, the price will have different changes, if you hope to understand that design the detailed information of the price about the corporate image, please contact us .

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