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Advertisement classification

When we are studying definition and classification about the advertisement, usually we put the definition at first and classification in later, we can't give an accurate definition of the advertisement if we don't study which type of the advertisement comprise. For this reason, we'll study the classification of the advertisement at first. It has long been recognized categories of advertisement, mostly from the perspective of the work they are engaged in at the same time which caused the complexities of the advertisement type,for example:
Classify by media: The rigid advertisement of the newspaper and soft propaganda, television advertisement, broadcast advertisement, magazine advertisement, outdoor advertisement, an advertisement of sales outlet (POP ), the advertisement of the gift, post (DM ) advertisement , Internet interactive advertisement, propagate products and electronic advertisement.
Classify according to the range of propagating: Nationwide advertisement, regional advertisement, an international advertisement, city advertisement, the rural advertisement, etc..
Classify according to the range of propagating: Woman advertisement, the advertisements of children, lover's advertisement, young advertisement, old advertisement, personage's advertisement of knowledge, white collar's advertisement, blue collar's advertisement, laborer’s advertisement, volunteer's advertisement, etc..
According to spreading and demanding the shape to classify: Rational advertisement, emotion advertisement, proving advertisement, the chatting advertisement directly, suspense advertisement, an interest advertisement, comparing with advertisement, associating advertisement, etc..
Classify according to the cycle that the products enter the market: Import issue advertisement, the advertisement at growth stage , an advertisement in mature period, advertisement ,etc. in decline phase.
Classify according to enterprise's advertising tactics: The advertisement of the products, the advertisement of the brand, corporate image advertisement, enterprises service advertisement, etc..
The above methods is the classification at shape, classify to study different problem offer starting point demarcation line while being above-mentioned, but on confirming the advertisement defines , it is unable to offer overalls to classify by form , accurate foundation. Meanwhile , there is a new variety frequently in the advertising activity, the new shape appears , this makes it become work with no limits to classify by advertising shape .

We believe that the classification of advertisements should be classified in accordance with the purpose of advertisement. Namely, whether the purpose of advertising campaigns as the difference between profits. This categorization that is useful to distinguish the real campaign, but also conducive to advertising accurate conclusions. Not dubbed the "extended", "narrow" and so on in the definition of advertisement. Classified by purpose of advertising, advertising can be divided into public service advertising (ie, non-profit ads) and commercial advertising (ie business-oriented advertising) are two major categories, which include the following:

The public service advertisement (abbreviated as the public advertisement) includes:

1. Festivals, folk activities ad. Festival advertising, such as the National Day, Children's Day, Spring Festival and other advertising activities; folk activities advertising, such as ice and snow festival, Songkran, Kite Festival. Abroad, such as Carnival, Christmas and so on.
2. Social Protection Advertising (Domestic commonly known as "PSAs"). Protect the rights and interests of women and children, prevent environmental pollution, traffic safety, security in electricity, safe production and safe use of gas, smoke, fire ,alarm, to develop good habits, family planning, wildlife protection, water and soil conservation, afforestation, greening the environment, care for the young, law-abiding and so on.
3. Social activities advertising. Such as social group activities, academic conferences, political parties purpose and objectives of the policy advocacy, recruitment and so on. Campaign ads abroad are such a case.
4. Government Notice, proclamation. The variety of notices, orders, etc published by the government.

5 Personal revelation ads. Such as the report of loss, statements, marriage-seeking, recruitment, ritual congratulations, the search and so on.
Commercial advertisement. Including:

1. Business and service ads. Such advertising is a variety that heard and seen a lot in our daily life, such as commercial advertising, corporate image advertising, as well as post and telecommunications, stock, transportation, insurance, banking, service industries such as trade in services advertisement advertisements. For instance film , drama , music , performance of singing etc., and race , exhibition , travel advertisement of respect.

2.Culture and entertainment advertising. Such as film, theater, music, concerts and other performances, as well as the athletics (sports), exhibition, tourism advertising.etc.

In the past, a large number of our advertising professionals are engaged in commercial advertising in the advertising campaign of goods, which makes some people mistakenly believe that advertising is just commercial advertising or corporate image advertising, this has also led to the concept from their commercials to advertisers on the next defined, resulting in incomplete coverage of advertising.

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