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Advertisement design

Advertising design classification is very detailed, and now we will give some detailed points of the concept of advertising poster design and function.
" poster " explains according to its surface meaning of the word is "advertise" mean to attract attentions from the others, " sticking to " is put up, namely " put up to attract attention from the others". The English name of the poster calls " poster ", means and show the notice (Placard displayed in a public place ) in the public area in Oxford English Dictionary.

Most posters printing plate is made for use of inside and outside of public area and shops. Certainly, there are some posters for temporary purposes, needn't to print, only hand-painted to complete, such posters are POP advertising nature, such as product offers temporary price reduces to notify fairs, trade fairs, fashion shows and food tasting of the time, location, etc.This improvisation-style hand-painted posters, mainly by drawing gouache paint, or markers, etc., and sometimes instead of using sticky notes, most of the main characters are mainly hand-painted art, and sometimes both illustrations, and a more casual, quick, it is less rigorous than the printing posters composition.The advantages are: of information timely and cost is low, artificial simple.
Printing posters can be divided into public and commercial posters two categories, public posters with themes of social public welfare issues, such as taxes, smoking cessation, eugenics, the campaign, blood donation, traffic safety, environmental protection, peace, cultural and sports activities publicity, etc.;Commercial posters make promotional products , meeting consumer needs for the contents of the subject matter, especially the emergence and development of market economy, commercial posters are increasingly important and more and more widely used.

With the increasing diversity of the media today, the status of chief propaganda efficiency of posters advertising has been taken away.However, with the emergence of e-plate since the 1980's, posters designers absorbed the cutting-edge technology, creating the performance of language which is more eye-catching than ever before.Posters have a number of advantages can not be replaced by any other media, and until today, almost all of the world-renowned visual design of the main learning content, it is because the posters have the most basic elements of visual design, it is The design performance of techniques broader, more comprehensive and more suitable than other media,as a basis content for learning , meanwhile the demands of its visual effects to convey is likely to enable students to create a deep impression.With a basis for poster designing , to the further study of the media design, relatively easier and much more effective than any other learning method.

It is precisely because posters have unique artistic effect and aesthetic conditions,the most representative advertising designer in the advertising history , mostly because of their outstanding performance in the poster advertising design, in this sense, posters Design is a necessary pass for the successful advertising designers.

Advertisement design
Employ and signpost the design exhibition modernly Item

The AD design of the modern poster, Already surmounted the AD media category,
The modern arts of using Hi-Tech printing technology, get very high appraisal in world.

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