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  User Interface design

The software interface design

The software interface design is one kind of technology in order to meet the special needs in standardization of user interface. it includes serious technical process such as software starting cover design, software frame design, button design, panel design, menu design, label design, logo design, scroll bar and status bar design, installation process design, packaging and commercialization etc..

In designing process, there are many key issues should be paid much attention.Some of the points are as followings:

(1)The software starting cover design
Application software start cover in the final is high-definition images, such as when the software starting cover is on different platforms and operating systems, we will need to consider different formats conversion, and the right choice of color should not be more than 256 colors, the best security color is 216-color. Software start cover size is 1 / 6 of the mainstream display resolution. If it is series software,the unity and continuity of the overall design will be considered. Mark should be visible in the above production or support of the company logo, product trademarks, software name, version number, URL, copyright notice, serial number and other information in order to establish the software image, the convenience of users or purchasers of the software when prompted to start .Illustrations should use an independent copyright, strong symbolic, high identification, and good visual conveying effects graphics, if use the digital photography ,it should deal with digital processing in order to form the personalized features of the software.

(2)The frame design of the software

The frame design of the software is more complicated because it involves the use function of the software, it reqired people should be more understanding of the use and procedure of the software ,which requires designers hold some follow-up experiences about the software, and ability of quickly learning of software, and good communication between program developer and users so as to design software frame with a friendly, unique and in line with the principles of program.Software framework design should be kept simply and clearly, minimize unnecessary decoration and saving screen space should be considered, the size of the various resolution, zoom state and principles, and placeholder for the future design of buttons, menus, labels, scroll bars and status bar.In design, make the overall color combination and a reasonable mix, place the software trademark in a prominent position, the main menu should be placed on the left or above side and scroll bars on the right, the status bar on the bottom to meet the visual process and user's psychology.

(3)The software button design
Software should be designed with interactive buttons that should have 3-6 kinds of status effects:the mouse on top but did not click state; click on the mouse is on top but didn't click state; clicks when the mouse is not on top state;after clicks the mouse is not on top state,can't be in clicked state and independent auto-change state.Button icon should have simple effects, should be able to allow users to create features associated with response, the button in the group should be kept in one size,buttons with big functional differences should be differentiated.

(4)The software panel

Software panel should be designed to have a zoom feature, panel should have a clear division of functional range, it should be in considence with the dialog boxes, pop-up box, try to save space, switch easily.

(5)The menu design

There are selected and un-selected state of manu design, on the left should be the names, on the right should be the shortcut keys, if there are lower-level menu,it should have lower arrow symbols, different functional range should be separeted by lines.

(6)The label design
The corner part changes should be noted for brand design, the state may refer to the button.

(7)The icon design
The label design color should not be more than 64 colors, size 16x16, 32x32 two kinds.Icon design is a kind of square inch art, and should be focused on considering the visual impact, it needs to demonstrate the software content in a very small range, so many icon designers use simple colors in the design, use the space mixing effects of the color and dots to make many wonderful icons.

(8)Design of the scroll bar and status bar
Scroll bar is designed primarily for the change content of the regional space fixed-size amount, there should be up and down arrows, scroll-standard and so on, some of which had marked next page. The status bar is to display the current state of software and tips.

(9)The installation design
The installation designe is to beautify the course of software installation, including carry on the graphic presentation to the function of the software.

(10)Packaging and commercialization
Finally should consider protecting the software product well in package design of the software product, propaganda of function merge in being beautiful, can print some product introduction,advertisement of the products.

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