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Marketing of Internet

The purpose of marketing of the network to use internet echnology is to match customer's demand in greatest extent in order to develope market,the , the essence of network marketing is the management method of customer's requirement,utilizing Internet for pursue service and satisfied the customer's requirement from all service process such as at the beginning of the serivce,in the middle of the service and after service.etc.

network marketing is a new form of direct marketing,it's just becuase the internet is substituted by the intermediary medias,such as newspapers , periodicals, the mail , the telephone, the TV , broadcasting etc., so it's not the same as direct selling.

The marketing of the network is based on modern marketing theory, the traditional busienss promotion service focused on production sale and service such as 4P " -Product , Price , Place , Promotion turn to " 4C ",that is Customer, Cost, Convenience, Communication which regards the custoimer is the center of the service,including the cost that the customer wished to offer, the customer's convenience and the communication with the customer. The marketing of the network is ruaaing through in the whole course that enterprises managed , such links including the market research , customer's analysis , product development , production procedure , sales tactics , after-sale service , feedbacking improving ,etc., the realization of the marketing function of the network can be from the superficial to the deep, from simple to the whole: From doing a homepage to managing website; From advertising to establishing customer's relation administrative system (CRM ); (SCM) from sending email to establishing providing chain administrative system, among the fast changing market environment, if an enterprises want to be in good standing position, must rely on the modernizing management thought and means , combine the effective resources inside or outside of enterprises.

How to improve customer relation constantly, get more customer message and meet customer's satisfaction?
How to seize the opportunity in the fierce market competition day by day, occupying greater market share?
How set up high-efficient business procedure, reduce operation cost , obtain more profit?

The above-mentioned problems have already become the three key questions that relating to survival and development of the companies. Today, because of global overproduction , force enterprises to meet the customer's individual demand. The competition between enterprises has already been turned from production competition to market competition and customer competition; The center of business administration is turned from traditional iner management like production , logistics , financial affairs to overall customer's relationship management.

Customer Relationship Management CRM is a managment that concerning the customer as the centre of the service, it is a kind of new-type management model aiming at improving the relationship between the enterprise and customer. Customer's relation management will surely to change the management theory and means of enterprises positively, make personal in sales force , marketing , telephone attendants , maintenance and after sale service who originally fighting separately to begin really coordinate, let it to become a strong group which conentrating on the customer.

The investigation indicates the small and medium-sized enterprises care about such a great deal of questions inclusive as selling obtaining and assurance , service quality , sales opportunnity ,etc. the today of times of service economy that entering from economic era of the products, these questions are all related with the customer, how to manage the customer better, it is still urgent problem to become what small and medium-sized enterprises concerned.The customer relation management will become one important sector that small and medium-sized enterprises of the information-based market in the following several years.

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