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Website's analysis

A variety of commercial activities dependent on rapid development of the website.Therefore, the company's Web site performance must be completely controlled by enterprise.We'll use comprehensive solution to provide a real-time tracking and benefit analysis for you website.

We have cooperated with the world-class technological cooperative partner to develope website analyzation platform, we will offer business policy , the price , the channel , popularize , the products, the investigation and analysis on such respects as our service, including websites analysis , information building up and management,mutual interface using investigation, vision procedure investigate content interest, investigate market channel the rival analysis, the number of visiting people of websites , the expected enrollment numbers, the work load , time budget, investment , cost budget, the resource distribution of manpower , operation analysis, financing consult, system selecting type analyses , website design analysis, technological development analysis , safeguard and analysis , the system security analysis,system measurement analysis.

The market survey theory of " 4P1S " is a theoretical foundation of market survey. At the same time, in order to hold development trend of the accurate information in concrete market survey, our market survey system emphasizes the importance of the research in policy, therefore, our research theory has already been formed with " 5P1S "theory such as (policy Policy, price Price, the channel , Place, popularizes Promotion, products Product, serves Service) ,thus theory has formed market survey system of the theoretical foundation.

Market survey system
Study idea (policy Policy, price Price, the channel , Place, popularizes Promotion, products Product, serve Service)
The customer contacts Project design Contract in project Special research group
Relevant training Investigate Data processing The materials collection
Data analysis Report compilation Quality controlling Submit the report
The project replies The project repaying The project strengthening The project is popularized

According to different projects and concrete conditions, the price will have different changes, if you hope to understand the detailed information about the marketing price of the network , please contact us .

Note: We can also offer website design according to your need and budget ,Websites safeguarding ,Other relevant services that multimedia design or the media release ,etc..
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