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Websites structure design

No matter whether you have just started or not, or want to give an added grace toy to your website, or just planning to re-begin your website, we can help you to finish your website framework within your expectation even less time.

Combine with the most forwarded interface and framework design ,base on the powerful XML content management tools, what you can hold is an international communication tools, and this tools will help you to follow commercial market and expand unlimited bussiness performance for your future.

On the aspect of the structure and promotion of the website, we hold extremly competitive prices at the same high quality, the customer's brand image is one of the best advertisment that wedsite shows. From the application of the video and audio frequency, to integration of digital design and digital technology, the customer's purpose is also our goal when we carry out complementation of website structure.

Yuanjinhexin Design Company is a professional organization that offers digital design and digital technology service. We offer various kinds of service about technology consultation service,at the same time,our systematic administrative staff , network administrative staff, network marketing personnel, software design expert, the administrative staff of the project and technology group are preparing to support any kinds of service at any time.

Utilize our service can help you to build up your website and made you to interact with your customer to communicate effectively. It is the first step that to make your goal for developing your website sales tactics. We will try to help you through summarize or set up sucessful website strategy to help you.Our standard wedsite,tool, and various languages and procedure writing enable us to release your information in accordance with your specific demand in order to touch your goal .

Once the project is accomplished, you can be chioced to manage your website with our company or end the management and support of the website of being offered now. (after that you can accept the training courses of the Company).

We are preparing to offer you very rapid website service,our high-performance is connected to Internet directly through sufficient OC48. Dependable means and performance will let all visitors of your website have feeling of enjoying the top good service . We are ready to help you foster your commercial plan. We can invite you to participate in our business discussion in Internet. Our service offers the sufficient bandwidth to you, the host computer server ,The website design , website technology , the website development, safeguard, publishment and management.

Yuan Jin He Xin Design Company offer:
Exhaustive statistics of visit flow; Analysis of performance; Feedback form ; Automatic E-mail report; security safaguard and fire prevention wall design; Information processing treatment of credit card; User's behavior form analysis; Rank of the search engine; The daily record analyzation and schedule, overall arrangement, and the chart design; High-speed host computer ,Share or the special-purpose server; Run form development; CGI procedure ; Java procedure ; The design of digitization and technological service; virtual reality and interdynamic procedure ; Dynamic result and cartoon; The vector flows, video flowing and audio frequency flow; Integrated database ODBC; Sufficient websites with relation appraise ; Debug, analyse the service; Expandable professional maintenance or upgrading website designing; computer connection support design and technical training, exhaustive website report of every month.

According to different projects and concrete conditions, the price will have different changes, if you hope to understand the detailed information about the price, please contact us .

Note: We can also offer website design according to your need and budget ,Websites safeguarding ,Such other relevant services as multimedia design or network marketing ,etc..
In compliance with hoping for understanding websites and software localization , can visit

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