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Websites and software localization

In the aspect of technical translator and localization technology ,we have already set up a long and steady cooperation with the Yuanjinhexin Translating Company ( Translating Company is an international company offering multiple languages for global customers (on the basis of PROSPECT ™ Central Group). Through the technology cooperation from both sides, we introduce website's localization , software localization and multimedia localization etc..

Website's localization

Internet has made the earth to become like a small village , the fierce transational competition needs a kind of wider space day by day. The rapid growth of trade market , investment market and capital market made the neccessary connections between the countries, but language obstacle has become wide gaps for people who are eager to do international trade more and more. Powerful technology and language support that we offer has made electrical business given full play, consumers can buy products and enjoy varous services from the website directly, thus greatly improved the sales volume and service quality of the company.

Service content: Timely website translation service, website content upgrading and websites safeguard service.
Work team : Experienced technology translator, computer engineer and DTP experts.
Service promise: Offer high quality translation service which attatching to the local culture.

Software localization
With appreacnce of website information era, globalization has become the inexorable trend for international economic activity, in the course of populization of the company, the localization of the software will become essential factor further. The successful software localization can help the company to expand the global business , increase and sales, enhance the reputation etc. such requirements not only needed to master technology and translation skills of localization of software, but also should be deep understanding of local market.

We have one excellent group made up of experienced translators, software engineer and desk-top publishing professional personnel. They not only master of languages,but also the relevant technological backgrounds that can skillfully operate the local technology under various kinds of soft hardware environment ,at the same time, offer the reliable service for your software localization.
When the translating project is finished , we will choose experts whose mother tongue is the target language text to examine in order to ensure languadge clearance , accuracy and local culture compatibility,,at the same time, the relevant technologist will carry on the measurement under various kinds of soft hardware to the products after localized, so as to ensure normal work in later.
we are very grateful for your participation, supervising the implementation of project and feedbacking in time for the question appeared in project course.

Promise: High-quality , high-efficient , at fair price.
Note: We can also offer such other relevant services as type-setting,etc. according to your need and budget .

Localization of the multimedia
Service content:
Add the specialized subtitles of different languages for the video-tape and film;
Add the offscreen voice;
Making of the tape;
Aside of the audio-visual products;
Specialized recording and audio-video project;
Support the multimedia making of CD of different the form and software platform.

If you hope to understand websites and localized price of software, can inquire about the expenses standard . If you have a demand , please contact us.

Note: We can also offer maintaining , other relevant services that multimedia design or the media release ,etc. to website design , website according to your need and budget .
In compliance with hoping for understanding websites and software localization , can visit

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