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Virtual reality design

Selling the goods in e-commerce environment, it is not merely a picture sticking to the established practice that needs. We combine the advanced technology, on the basis of guaranteeing downloading and speed of operation, show the overall artificial products to customer, enable your customer to feel these digital goods, and and it is mutual, everything is the same as the true world. With the development at full speed of the network technology, Java, VRML, such technology as Flash , Viewpoint , Cult3D , XML , QuickTime , Real media ,etc. emerge from the sea in succession , let the dull network add some life and vigor suddenly, let originally dull and very old commercial show way on the network become vigorous, the commerce shows the solution was no longer deficient from then on in the network.

What is the virtual reality design

VR (Virtual Reality ) is a abbreviation of virtual reality, this technology is a computer technology originally studied out by the American military department. VR media is to apply VR technology to the most potential information media Internet and on its figure element media (such as CD-ROM CD , touchscreen,etc. ) nowadays. It combines picture , sound , cartoon ,etc.through its special-purpose software,carry out the simulation of the three-dimensional realistic environment , object , the two-dimensional form , and transmit it to people by the carrier of figure element. It is like being on the spot in person when people have a look around and can see it from any angel, watch scene in any range or choose to see any angle of the object.
Virtual reality can not merely imitate realistic world , the more important thing is that it will make the virtual paradise we are dreaming through the computer, people will have wide virtual space, and enjoy the entertainment life in the space! The most attractive and the most important point of virtual realitiy is its characteristics of real-time and interactive. Virtual reality technology will bring the new vision to people, we can imagine that in a more gorgeous and virtual three-dimensional scene, some digitized" people " with real three-dimensional bodies are talking about the work during it.

What kinds of virtual reality designing technique does it have<

There are several kinds of common methods to realize virtual reality: Viewpoint ,QuickTimeVR,VRML, Live Picture ,etc..
Viewpoint : A leading advanced visual solution provider of media (Rich Media) of network, can establish photo grade true 3D image , and can be used with other advanced medias (Rich media) synthetically , it needs to be pointed out is that Viewpoint can produce her lifelike result too in the narrowband environment at present. Viewpoint Company , at present, has offered e-commerce and online advertisement solution for such companies as Nike, Sony , Eddie Bauer and Sharper Image ,etc. Viewpoint offers the biggest 3D model storehouse in the world for the customers of the entertainment and advertising too, 3D modelling. Viewpoint Company is headquartered in New York of U.S.A., there are branch companies respectively in China fir machine of Lip river , San francisco , Salt Lake City , London and Tokyo.
QuickTime VR: Through absorbing to 360 omni-directional vision of the field condition, the not sewing concatenation of the procedure, and the visual angle out of shape, the focus establishment, present a three-dimensional space to viewers.
VRML: The way of virtual roaming.describe various kinds of elements in the scene through the language, construct a real three-dimensional space , simulate various kinds of incidents in reality, online virtual reality language of ISO international standard.

Virtual reality designs application

VR technology is widely applied to each field, for instance urban planning , travel , products , building real estate , show of the clothing , exhibition ,etc..It has already been used extensively in America and Europe , Taiwan and other places, still not many use at home at present. At home now some real estate developers have adopted virtual reality technology as the marketing promotion tool. For example the forward delivery housing is sold through the plane figure of a type mainly , displays picture , model to exchange between sales force and house purchaser. The house purchaser is unsatisfied with this, they hope to see ocular model room image. Put a computer on the selling desk , use VR technology make house purchaser witness district that may bebuilt up in a few years , view beautiful district environment design, come into the model room on the computer, experience the warmth of the room space in person, select a type on the computer.The application of Hi-Tech on the realm of sale of real estate of virtual reality technology can not merely improve the real estate developer's grade and taste greatly , will bring the final benefit for the real estate seller at the same time.

Behavior way of VR

VR can be divided into 3 kinds of behavior ways: Panorama (Panorama) , the object (Object) , scene (Scenes).
Under the mode of the panorama (Panorama), the object is relatively regular and the lens position moved (where it is 360 is rotated) relatively. view the panorama on the garret platform of the building .
Under the mode of object (Object), but the object is relatively moving,but the len is fixed, while playing
the cell-phone, the movement of object (cell-phone), and the lens (eyes) is regular.
Under the mode of scene (Scenes), the objects and lenses can all move , such as when the customer sees the room , go to another room from a room. At this moment, the lens (eyes) is moving, move from a node (room 1) to another node (room 2). To put it briefly this is synthesis of panorama and object mode.

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