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Case that succeed  Follow the appearence of paper media (newspapers , books and magazines ) , the broadcast and TV , the other appreance of the fourth media - Network, will play the enormous function in human's civilization in the 21st century. Internet will become the stage of webpage design , its limitless information resources, interdynamic, high-speed and efficient character has formed an enormous impact on the on media printing, cybereconomy brings a change to webpage design and website design too.

The network information dissemination has interactive information functions which has sound, image,picture,sound,and interactive visual to dissemble the global interactive information, website designer, webpage designer and network artists will represent the formulation of the new culture during the World War in the world in the future. Webpage designer, and website designer have been listed as the seven greatest talents of the entering the WTO, they combine the picture and text information on websites, design delightfule interface, give viewer strong vision striking and appeal. Future webpage designer and website's designer must grasp the rapidly change of the hardware and software of the computer, and flexibly hold the expression of the new vocabulary of the vision . We will make some points about the requirements and influence of the webpage design and website design in the following parts.

First,the complex of the internet requires the design to be more concise.
Concise is one of the basic demand of website design and webpage design. Especially emphasize that concise is determined by characteristics of the network. People having dealings with network for the first time all have experience that that appearing in the display screen is a complicated world , various kinds of elements make people dazzled. In order to attract people's attention, various kinds of brightful color , script varied and three-dimensional animation, make us too plenty for the eye to take it all in. The computer really makes the design more convenient, designers can release from painting brushing, pigment , straightedge , set square , needn't worry about the small character, but this does not mean freely squandering color resources , and either it doesn't mean everybody can become a designer through grasping the mapping software. On the contrary, network require for superb design level, because you must in the shortest time to hold people's vision and then, must make people accept information that you transmit in a sweep speed.And terse may help you to realize these. Terse includes the simplicity of the designing tactics tersly, the melting concisly of the characters, the melting succinctly of the figure. What deserves to be mentioned is , such elements as the point , line , surface that you use ,etc. occupy cyberspace, use lighter picture can improve speed , this print requisition for precision completely contradict with traditional paper directly at network.

Second, plane figure required by the more rational narrow interface
Now, the ordinary display is only 17 inches, carry on webpage design and website design in such a narrow range, the rational overall arrangement is essential. The dividing area is a very good method too. People, while watching the screen attentively, the distance between eyes and screen is commonly 0.5-1.0 meters, the sight is perpendicular to the level basically, so sight of people will drop on screen in the center at first, then to move all around. Certainly, if some vision of part is transmitted and obviously different from around, then your attention will be attracted by this part at first, in order to increase the limited screen and utilize the range as much as possible, except if economic condition permitting, try one's best to use it the largees screen displayer, optimize the software interface to design, it is an essential way too to improve the rate of utilization of interfaces, for example the 3DS-MAX design software ( three-dimension design software)that we use is a good interface design software, it can be within the limited interface range, hold into hundreds of operation, and keep them in good order, a lot of one is not messy , trace it to its cause, rationally area deviding is indispensable. It regards the core of the plane, namely the vision core as the main page , arrange the operating keys around, or arrange the overall arrangement of the interface freely by the operator, this needs webpage designer and software developer to carry on the good communication, make the webpage designer's intention give full play .

Case that succeed  The third, the computer figure enables designing perfectly day by day.
The computer figure has offered a kind of brand-new artistic form of expression and space to designer, have offered the limitless latent energy of realizing the intention to designer even more. It not merely brings the change of the design process,but also influence the design style , design the mode of thinking , design educational method greatly at the same time , the deep transformation with fundamental day by day happens.

It is a subject of a piece of extremely rich interest and charm to express language by the computer figures, the figure designer of the computer should use form law , style characteristic of the computer figure to carry on the intention naturally in the design , it is different from the intention route of the drawing shape of general ones.
Engaged in the figure design,it asks for the description ability of model , color, pattern , script, and obtaining this kind of ability must consume a large amount of time and energy , the course is even a long one, so that the learner can't focus on intention and plan mastering during limited teaching time. But the perfection of the computer figure design has changed this phenomenon fundamentally, it opens up a magnificent shortcut. It is the general mobilization of different tools and skill of displaying,
it can see the refined and delicate detail of every one of the finished product in the future , so it plays a great role to composition of the designer's quality conversely, include to the model , color , form promotion of the language and estheticism and improving. It becomes a kind of new operation or work standard that the computer figure is designed, in a sense, the computer is like the good " supernatural pen " in the hand of a good painter who is good at drawing horses.In webpage design and website design, the computer , this outstanding tool , requires designer and user have certain design basic ability too, for instance intention , aesthetic , composition , color , script and designing back-end making ,etc..

Fourth, the network makes webpage design and website design more abundant
Appearance of network, between webpage design and website design expends from the two-dimentional to multidimensional space by a traditional one, its show and using more extensive in the environment.
The tradition abundant designing ,the development of the design industry make the design discipline pluralism and interact with the working structure. More design frontier branch of science, cross discipline and other kinds of design disciplines will rise, for instance: Environment + level =Environmental identification , thus make the level extend to the space; Products + level =Products interface, make webpage design and website design melt three-dimensionally , make the image of the products closely related to website design of webpage design; Movie & TV + level =Movie& TV interface, static webpage design and website design are turned into dynamic webpage design and website design, used extensivly in entertainment , film & TV circles; The level + new media =new field of view, such as the popularization of the webpage design and development of website design , are all the new products of new technology in the new media.

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