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  All kinds of websites safeguard services and price contrast table

Explanatory note:
()Show the system offers this function directly, needn't pay again;
()Show the system can support this function , but should pay to maintain the normal in operation;
()Show this system does not support this function , can't use .

(1) there are websites in domain name registration:

Service function .com/.net/.org . cc /.tv
The member fills in the registration table automatically
Personal registration
Enterprises registration
The member revises the information of contacting freely
The member alters DNS freely
Register DNS
Set up the Chinese domain name URL to transmit by oneself
Establish A record by oneself (the another name)
Establish CNAME by oneself
Establish record of MX (the mail ) by oneself
" * " record establishing
Free to establishes URL transmittion
Alter registrant's information of the domain name
Alter domain name registration trader's information
The agent offers the domain name registration interface of PRE-REG
The agent offers the domain name registration interface of Email
The agent offers the domain name registration interface of SRS
Price English domain name + economy - I websites 500 yuan per year 500 yuan per year 300 yuan per year
Chinese domain name 60 yuan per year 280 yuan per year 1 yuan per year

(2) mailbox service of post office

Service function Post office inside enterprises Online post office of enterprises
User's independent domain name
Use the WEB way to receive and send the letter
Use the POP3 way to receive and send the letter
Space of post office 150-500M (depend on user's quantity) 100M
Economize the fee for surfing the internet when receive and send the letter not online.
Support user's self-defining sub domain name
User's mailbox is established freely
Security It is high It is relatively high
Receive and the dispatch speed of the letter Very fast fast
Degree of facilitating of management It is easy It is easy
The mail is filtered (defend the junk email)
The mail transmitting
The inside network receives and dispatches mails
Exchange mails with INTERNET onlinly
Autodialing in the line, when there is nobody ,it hangs up automatically
Install DIGITAL DESIGN Mail Router software
Price 2400-4000 yuan per year (look at user's quantity) 500 yuan per year

(3) website space is rented

Service function Free type Websites Economy websites Standard websites Strong websites intelligently
Try out in 30 days I type II type I type II type I type II type
UNIX system
WIN2000 system
Website space 100M 100M 100M 200M sharing 150M 300M sharing 200M
Database space 50M 100M
Mail space 5M 100M 100M 100M 100M 200M 200M
Daily record space of LOG 50M 50M 100M 100M
Independent CGI catalogue
PHP/ASP supporting
Frontpage expanding and supporting
MySQL database supporting
SQL7.0/2000 database supporting / /
Support XML form
Website's price (unit: Yuan per year) Totally free 300 600 1500 1500 6000 6000
Message board
Feedback list
DNS wheel patrols
Load balancing system
DIGITAL DESIGN registered alliance
Websites popularize and propagate to serve
The array system of the server
User's quantity of the server 2000 Less than 500 Less than 200 Less than 150 Less than 100 Less than 20 Less than 20
The advertising window of websites
Artificial technical support way
Defend the delaying machine system
800 free phones
Open the interface freely to the agent's websites
The wide band of the multimedia system
Chinese web hosting service
Application program interface of many kinds of websites
BBS announcement board system
CHAT chats systematically and immediately
Website's news briefing system
Website DIY is produced automatically
Website's statistical analysis system(SAS)
Website's vote system
Websites investigate system
Website's retrieval system
The really famous website popularizes

(4) independent host computer rents

Service function VPS(Virtual Private Server) Fictitious special-purpose server Special-purpose server of independence
The operating system disposing Users are free (linux/FreeBSD/Win2000 ) Users are free (linux/FreeBSD/Win2000 )
Host computer CPU (each user marks and mixes ) 4 users share 2 dual-core CPU A user enjoys one dual-core CPU alone
Memory of the host computer (each user marks and mixes ) 1G gets up 1G gets up
Hard disk of the host computer (each user marks and mixes ) 2G gets up 20G gets up
Bandwidth of the host computer 10M sharing 100M sharing
Database system of the host computer Users are free (MySQL/SQL7.0/SQL2000) Users are free (MySQL/SQL7.0/SQL2000)
The application software of the host computer installation Any software needed of user's free installation Any software needed of user's free installation
Independent IP address
Safe protection of the host computer
The hardware of the host computer upgrade and expand Can increase the memory and hard disk at will Can increase memory , hard disk , CPU at will
Long-range maintenance management of the host computer
Technological support service 9:00 - 21:00 and 400 free phones 9:00 - 21:00 and 400 free phones
The host computer tries out and serves 300 yuan can be tested for one week 300 yuan can be tested for one week
Copyright of the software The shared software is free, other software needs to be offered legal permission or commission DIGITAL DESIGN to purchase
Risk out of date of the systematic hardware
The host computer sets up the installation fee 1000 yuan (disposable ) 1000 yuan (disposable )
Price 9600 yuan per year (get up) 10000 yuan per year (get up)

According to different projects and concrete conditions, the price will have different changes, if you hope to understand the detailed information about the price, please contact us .

Note: We can also offer website design according to your need and budget ,Other relevant services that multimedia design or the software interface is designed ,etc..
In compliance with hoping for understanding websites and software localization , can visit

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