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As Internet and a new generation platform are developing in full speed, a new communication method will appeared among the company and service market. The goal of our effort is for improving service standard in order catch totally communicate, totally interdynamic among consumer group to reach progress constantly. Under the new environment of fast changing revolution in science and technology of the 21st century, new competition order will replace, and new knowledge will become the key role. smart enterpreterure will inject the new idea into enterprise , build the new management rule,will face the future with creative,sharpness and flexible atttitude in order to becoming the winner of the new era.

Communication principle
Beijing Yuanjinghexin Company is the subsidary of digital design basis of prospect central group,it is a technological professional organization offer digital design and digital technology information for enterprises from many countries. Design and develop large-scale websites,the professional designs of software , multimedia , procedure , hardware technology and network study. Company's research area includes the vision procedure, figure study, color science, material study, user's psychology, behaviouristics, bionics, the human-computer interaction project,etc. The company's main goal is to accept the challenge of the customer's information so as to offer effective brand-new design and technology informaiton.

Professional service
Including (1) CIS corporate image recognition system , (2) The interface design , (3) website design , (4) virtual reality , (5) Website analysis , (6) network marketing , (7) multimedia design, (8) Industry design , (9) Advertisement design , (10) Package design , (11) Print design , (12) Illustration design , (13) Electronic publishing , (14) Website maitainence , (15) Media release , (16 ) Translation , (17 ) Exhibition show , (18 ) Website and software localization ,and other relevant services.

·Grand prize of design for appointed goods of Chinese national team of 2000 Olympic Games
·Priciple reward of Japan Drawing Design Museum
·The website design works have obtained the advertising silver medal of the third Zhaori electrons advertisement
·Art directorNew York ADC(Art Directors Club)membership
·Comission of China first pampers 2000 websites creative competation
·Commission of China first flash Cartoon intention match and Flash movie festival
·Numerous other rewards

Designer of appointed shoes -"Butter fly shoes" for China national team in 2000 Olympic Games , butterfly's shoes have not only produced foundamental achievement in sale but also lead a new trend in design circles for Chinese sports goods.

Yuanjinghexin Company offered high-quality design and technology service to customer. We seek an active, development , management way in order to get improved commercial comunication with the customer and make our best effort to develop cooperation.We owned large customers scale includes: America Online AOL, IBM, Motorola group, Microsoft & parliament,Yahoo!Yahoo,FIFA 2002 World Cup, Compaq Company, Siemens Company , Hewlett-Packard, Ericsson, Oracle Company, Adidas Company, Unisys Company, Hejihuangpu group and Tianmeibaida Logistic Company etc.

Yuanijnghexin Company owns rich experience in community design system and technology support. We have substantial background for linking up computerize, we use such technology to make it as a leading role in technology of the world. In addition, the company received a support from industry's advisor in commercial field for better expension of the website, still go further for strengthen our business ability for better explain our services in information technology.

The production summary
Our digital design and technology define the problem of management and reaction in good time in the production process of the products, support the customer's every query at the same time. It makes users satisfied to construct analysing and improve through offering, we offer support personnel and management working environment for realizing various kind of method in order to solve problem, various kind of of flexible proposition reduce the policy-making scheme of costing time and supporting the expenses to the customer, and the organization carries on the agenda and development goal.

The professional personnel of Yuanjinghexin company organized by experienced professional person, designer, technologist and media expert and design communicating of technology. formed a balanced resource group for every project, implement through the special-purpose project management, solve various kind of practical problems together, make software and technolocal design that we have specially to set up world-class extensive and open digitization and design the platform.

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