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Designing analyze

Our projection will begin with such question of the entire project," what is your difficulties?" Our representative will coperate with you very closely, clarify the program content, target customers and progress online promotion criteria, the main objective of the project will be as our main goal, this is the first step for us to carry out of the projection, and it is also the first step to provide your service beyond our imagination.

Each excellent structure of website should respect the special opinion about the designer. Let us introduce some correct concepts and principles about Web design. The most important thing is to keep the creative conception, without it, we couldn't say it is a successful website.


(1)Consideration of bandwidth

(2)Consideration of different browser and resolution

(3)Pay attention to color matching problems

(4)Make user find things easily, and easy to find out what he wants.

(5)Web site content must be refined, specialized and updates in time

(6)Provide interactive service

(7)Simple is beautiful

International professional Web design process

(1)The first appointment is to search key information including aim reader of the website, content preparing to release and developing Web service plat.

(2)Concept development: Based on collecting information, the designer began to show their the customer thought by sketch, and this sketch should have website structure,the different layout and design.

(3)The contents synthesis: When design was made, the designer starts to make some initial drawing, these drawings is established with the professional graphics software procedure and then the designer prints out the drawing in order to match the character;

(4)Configuration and navigation: Once the client agreed with these contents,the designer starts to draw up the page of Website,navigator was also drawn up in the page, made client experience it by the first time really;

(5)The graphics production: If the client agreed with the outlook of the website, the designer will be required to make mass-produced graphics needed and optimized;

(6)The contents process: The client's written material will use web technology (CSS, JAVA, FLASH), organic graphic and relevant graphics integrates together;

(7)Test: before website was presented to the client, the designer must test each page of Web and connections throughly, make use of list to make repair;

(8)Hand over: Once signing, the client must always test the website, finding out the error of the formatting and content, after finishing amendments of the process, the website will begin to use.

After opening website, the company will make the follow-up survey in order to make sure how does the people use website. After the program running, re-collect data will be engaged, start to feedback in order to reinforce application of Website.


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