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Offer website map in order to increase customer's understanding of website design structure of our company, we will answer various questions according to our successful experience and technology in our website.

Website content
Column Structure Note
Simplified Chinese    
Traditional Chinese    
Yuanjinghexin structure DIGITALDESIGN TranslationOnline
The language selection and website selection
Yuanjinghexin structure Yuanjinghexin Design Translation Online    
Job group Job group The expert introduction    
Digital trends International trends Domestic trends International design competition domestic design competition
Cooperative partner        
Copyright statement Copyright statement Clause of personal secrets Clause of responsibility avoidence User's responsibility
The overview describing
CIS corporate image CIS defination and function CIS consistence CIS plans procedure CIS formulation and implementation
Website's framework Website's framework Websites price of building up   successful case
Website design Website design Price of website design   successful case
Website analysis        
Website safeguarding Domain name registration Mailbox Fictitious host computer successful case
Marketing of the network Marketing of the network Marketing price of the network   successful case
Virtual reality Virtual reality Viewpoint Virtual reality price successful case
The interface design The interface design Design specification of the icon The price of interface design successful case
Industry design Industry design Price of industry design   successful case
The script design The word storehouse design Script of the network The word storehouse download design process of the word storehouse
Package design Package design Decorative art of book Price of packaging and binding successful case
The illustration designe The illustration design Type of the illustration The price of illustration design successful case
Advertisement design Advertising classification Advertisement design Price of advertisement design successful case
Print and publishment Standard printing Digital Printing Price of printing successful case
  Electronic publishement Copyright watermark of the network Price of electronic publishement successful case
Multimedia Multimedia design Multimedia software Price of multimedia desig successful Case
The media releases The media releases Advantage of advertisement of the network Price of media releases successful case
Website and Localization of the software Website and Localization of the software Expenses standard   successful case
Service content, offer and other
Global customer  
successful case  
The customer train courses  
Customer service  
Online consultation website map
Inquirement of the price online Address & telephone
Map of website  
About customer's content
Idea and knowledge
Address & telephone location of the branch company
Working position  
Contact method
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