Audit report translation price

At first we will supply one copy of electronic document for the customer, the translation documents will be printed, and sealed after confirmation from the customer and then delivery and free charge of deposition service.

Audit report: 80yuan /piece

note: Price will be fixed based on translation pieces, vary in 300-500yuan.please call:010-87213006.





Beijing Yuanijinghexin Translation Company will supply processional audit translation service including audit report and audit duplication service.

Translation scope of audit report

Beijing Yuanijinghexin Translation Company supply audit report translation service. in many years of our working service, we have translated a lot of audit documents including duplication documents and with other languages such as English, Japanese, Korean and other languages, at the same time into Chinese.

These reports mainly including annual examination audit report, liquidation audit report, bank loan bidding and tender translation report, outgoing audit reports, justice forensic audit report, trademark certification audit report, and the special project audit report, (accounting special project duty of intro-business, audit report of expense and income of foreign exchanges, expense audit for foreign interpretations, and audit report of intro control system of enterprises etc).

Requirement of audit report translation

Audit report has fixed-mode sample. As a professional translation company, our translator will translate according to common international standard to make sure accuracy of audit report,the detail of audit report is almost similar, but the audit report from the different type and different companies are not the same, the terminology in duplication has the fixed translation samples, any deviation from the fixed translation will cause misunderstanding of foreign party, so a great deal knowledge and work experience in this area of the translator should be required.

Translation cases of audit report

NICHIYU annual evaluation report

Iraq, Sri Lanka Association for the audit report

Beijing Qixingyun Acounting firm audit report

Changsha Zhongxingaoxin Acounting firm audit report

Shenzhen Pengchneg Acounting firm audit report

Cellon International Audit report


At the translation of the audit report ,the accounting translation report are always required at the same time.We always get audit report documents accompanying with accounting atatment .About accounting translation report please see Acounting statement .

If you want to know the other language translation service, please see price price standard.

If you wan to know audit report price please contact us.



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