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Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company offers bid proposal translation service (including large equipment, project bid proposal and tender proposal).

Bid proposal translation service (translation for bid proposal and tender proposal) translation of bid proposal is the key point in bid activity. The intentions of the translation document must be clearly showed up from the bidder party; it is the basis for the bidder party when he began to edit the bidder proposal. The bid proposal is normally the combination in laws translation and business translation, and the bidder should give response to bid proposal, or not it will be regarded as bid disposal treatment. Because there is legal promise contained in bidder proposal, as the same time with very effective commercial terms should be used.

Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company has extensive translation experience in bid proposal projection. We are able to offer reliable service and will complete translation program with following principles:

Fully show requirement intentions from the customers.

Scientific and rational principles.

Uniformity principles of professional edit of terminology and vocabulary database.

Safeguard commercial secret for the bidder and national interests

Bid proposal translation have some projections include engineering bidding doc, equipment doc, government goods purchase doc etc. Details such as: railway projection bid doc, railway construction bid doc, civil engineering bid doc, public road bid doc, bridge and tunnel bid doc, decoration engineering bid doc, house construction bid doc, petrol and natural gas bid doc, chemical engineering bid doc, and mechanical engineering bid doc etc.


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