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Book translation

Until today in publish industry, a lot of publishers not only seeks the speed of translation but also the efficiency with neglecting of translation quality, at the same time, some translation company just gives a promise for accomplishing the translation work without regarding of translation quantity. For example, they can give a promise of translating 250,000 words of a book during one week, of course, for technological kinds of books, the effectiveness is the key point, but the point is the translation quality at first, the translators just can accomplish the works with neglecting of quality under the briefness of time, thus can cause superficial understanding, drift along, vague and cause errors and omissions occasions can be occurred.
Those serious translators are refused to make such compromise that means a large quantity of the work should take a lot of time. This is reasonable: with enough quality assurance.
We expect all translators and publishers can abandon the ideas of instant success and quick profits and be serious with their professional, and offer good quality translation service which could reach the spirit such as: the beautiful literature, the professional terminology, and personal context, and lingering charm and valuable information.


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