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Translation price of finance report

From 50-100 Yuan (According to details), total quoted including accounting statement and its duplication, audit report, and it’s duplicate and so on.

We will offer the customer one copy of electrical document and delivery the translation document after printing and seal of the document and get confirmation from the clients. Free charge of the deposit.

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Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company offers financial report translation services (Accounting report and its duplicate, financial statement and its duplicate)

Financial report is financial situation of the enterprise and its management performance. Financial information including the follows:


1. Accounting report translation: Balance Sheet, interest sheet, income statements, cash flow chart and other attachments report translation.

2. Accounting report attachment translation: Supplement statement for detail of the report, supplement statement for other accounting information which is not clearly mentioned.

3. Financial report statement: Including business operation of the enterprise and competition market, interest realization and distribution, fluctuation for important properties, payment procedure of taxation and other statements etc...

The translation of financial report is very professional, terminology should be used inside of the report, being as a professional translation company, and we will translate report according to international general standard in order to assure translation accuracy.

About statement of audit report translation please review audit report trnaslation .


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please check price standard.

If you want to tranlate some audit report please contact us.




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