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Normal question

1. Payment method

Delivery charges after the first service, paying at the initial stage, monthly balanced after the stable business relationship was established.

2. Foreign language publication at the website in a whole range

We can edit your English website at whole range, undertaking website planning and website marketing after your website was established which could bring you the great profit, at the same time interlinkage connected with our website is available.

3. Keep secret

In order to keep secret of some important information for customer, we will make agreement with the customer in order to assure the translator could only touch the necessary detail according to their work for protection of the customer's interest.

4. Machine translation tools

At present, machine translation technology has made a great progress for translation industry, but not invented with the accurate, clear and fluent ones. such reasons caused by the complexity of human languages, the significance of the words and detail changes ,some words with the same meaning but different meaning under the different conditions, such condition only could be resolved by human brain, on the other hand, translation machine can release burden from the translators. For instance, some material can be translated by translation machine at the initial stage, but after be verified by translator, thus effort halved and result doubled. But finally human translation never be replaced by translation machine.

5. Term for delivery

Based on quantity of the material, normally translation document will be delivered within three days at the beginning of the service, (If you are our long term’s partner, your priority will be considered).

6. Accuracy

We hold a complete quality procedure in order to assure quality of the translation documents. (Detail attached in introduction of the company).

If you have any requirement ,please contact us .

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