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German language translation price

From German to Chinese: 120Yuan/1000 words
From Chinese to German: 170Yuan/1000 words Interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in German)

German interpretation price:
Partnership and accompany interpretation service:500-800Yuan per person, each day
Business and conference interpretation:: 1000-1500Yuan per person.,each day

Interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in German):3800-4500Yuan/ one person/ one day

The above is the reference price for German translation , details please contact with 010-87213006



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Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company offers the professional German translation service (including translation, interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in Germany)

German language

German is the most development country ,ranks 4th of top economies in all over the world,the language is official and predominantly spoken language in Germany, Austria and Swedish, the working language of UN, the mother tongue of 1 billion people of the world, science and technology documentation language and usually to be learned, also in culture and science communication and ranks 10th of the common language of the world, it includes many loanword from many countries including Poland, Denmark, France and Russia. Recently, following with China’s opening up and reform, the economic and culture development between the two countries has greatly progressed. Many kinds of translation documents and material are gradually increased; Germany translation is the main work of our company. During interchange from the two languages, our practitioners should be required with highly qualified professionals and extensive experience in their field so as to assure good quality .

Translation team

During many years of translation experience of our company, Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company will assign each document only to a professional and qualified translator, editor, and proof reader with years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Every member of our translation and localization team is a trained expert and the majority of them have at least a decade of proven performance in the translation industry,majority of them hold post graduate university qualifications such as honors, masters and doctorate degrees. Our strength lies in this team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who strongly believe in the slogan of our company—delivering quality on time. We are guided by this slogan in every aspect of service that we offer.



Related industry

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Translation documents include :equipment, operation manual at the production line, bidding documents, fusibility report, audit report, counting statement, patent ,notarize material, overseas learning material, laws document, business contract, enterprise manual etc, movies, typescript, DVD,VCD translation, edit and transcription of video etc.

On the other hand, we also supply German interpretation service, include: normal interpretation,(accompany interpretation and exhibition interpretation).senior interpretation(simultaneous interpretation and interchanging interpretation).




Business partner

Siemens, Germany Cologne International Exhibatin China Co.,ltd; Genam Weida Co.,ltd; Deutsche Lufthansa AG;BOMAG GmbH;Germany Telecommunications Beijing Representative Agency;Shibaokang Co., Ltd; Netzsch Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd; Beissbarth Beijing Office; Germany WILO-SE Company; Sierp (Nantong) Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.; CNPC, Hydro Group Overseas Division; Ministry of Railways; Sino-German Chamber of Commerce; and Volkswagen.

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