Greek language translation price


Greek language translation price
From Greek to Chinese: 220Yuan/1000 words
From Chinese to Greek: 280Yuan/1000 words


Greek interpretation price:
Partnership and accompany interpretation service: 500-800Yuan per person, each day
Business and conference interpretation service: 1000-1500Yuan per person, each day

The above is the reference price for Greek translation service, details please contact with 010-87213006



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Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company offers the professional Greek translation services (including translation, interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in Greek)

The language background
Greek is being regarded as the most intellectual language in western world; the language is widespread in large areas including Greece, Albania Cyprus, Turkey and other regions in Anatolia, the greatest language in western world. Many people think it is the most significant and respected communication tool in the world, the Greece was regarded as the most intellectual ancient country all over the world. Based on its clear language structure and conceptual clarity, and various expression methods, it is suitable for requirement from rigorous thinkers, and also talent poets. Just guess, compared to the melodious Greek sound, it’s written is undoubtedly favorable. Greek was divides into 4 dialects: Aeolic, Ionic, Acado-Cyprian and Doric. The famous Homer - (Iliad) and (Odyssey), both were written in Ionic dialect. After 100 years in later, following with emergence of Athens, a dialect- Ionic dialect named as Athens Language has created the great literature during the ancient period. Athens Language had become the basic of the main phase and Koine. The language popularity is beyond the borders of modern Greece. After expedition of Alexander the Great, the language had spread to India, later being regarded as the second language by Roman Empire. New Bible was written in Koine which was used by Orthodox until now.

From 14th to 15th century, Greek has become the official language of Byzantine Empire, later under the rule of Turkish Empire, people continued to speak Greek. Modern Greek language has formed up during 9th century, and became official language of Greece in 19th century. There are 10,000,000 people in the world speak Greek. Including 500,000 people of Cyprus Island. Except common language, another pure imitation language of ancient Greek also being recovered and used as literal language as well.

Translation quality

Beijing Yuanijinghexin Translation Company will assign each document only to a professional and qualified translator, editor, and proof reader with years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter; therefore, we offer very high quality and a fast turn-around at a reasonable rate. We will accomplish our work according to our working schedule that is our work schedule: translation-edit-typesetting in order to assure unification in vocabulary, style, and language style, so as to achieve satisfaction result from the customer.

Service field

Including construction, engineering, metallurgy, electricity, electric, electric appliances, law, financial, investment, stock, financial and economics, software, multimedia, communication, telecommunication, chemical, medical, biology, agriculture, automobile, transportation, media, publication, railway, media, and literature etc.

Translation document including: operation manual at the production line and equipment, engineering material, blueprint, bidding document, feasibility report, patent documentation, overseas study document, various kinds of standard specifications in Arabic region such as notary document, laws document, business contract and company's introduction etc.

Except translation, we also offer Greek interpretation in many kinds of occasions (including translation, interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in Greek)

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