Japanese translation price

From Japanese to Chinese: 120Yuan/1000 words
From Chinese to Japanese: 160Yuan/1000 words

Japanese interpretation price:
Partnership and accompany interpretation service: 300-600Yuan per person, each day
Business and conference interpretation service: 1000-1500Yuan per person. each day

Simultaneous interpretation: 3800-4500Yuan/one person/day

The above is the reference price for Japanese interpretation service, details please contact with 010-87213006




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Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company offers professional Japanese translation service (including translation, interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in Japanese)


Japanese translation

The diplomatic relationship between China and Japan had been established since 1972, culture and economic exchanges of both parties have become more and more development. Japan is a single nationality, 99% of the populations use only one language, this means Japanese is the 6th language all over the world. China and Japan are friendly neighbors separated by only a strip of water. Since establishment of diplomatic relationship with Japan, close cooperation and development has been made in energy, transportation, trade, environment protection, financial, and circulation from both countries .In China, there are many investment companies and joint venture from Japan are found China, these companies have many documents needs to translate ,at the same time, such condition increases many documents in Japanese needs to translate into Chinese ,this requires translators not only familiar with culture background of Japan, but also good at language character in order to assure good translation quality and meet the translation requirement.

Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company holds un excellent work team which posses talents both good at Japanese and Chinese and rich knowledge in science and culture of Japan, some of them hold qualified senior technical title and above more than 10 years translation experiences, some hold post graduate university qualifications such as honors, masters and doctorate degrees .They are best talents being choice through many years working experiences. So whatever interpreter or translation, they are undoubted could undertake both of it.

Translation quality

Beijing Yuanijinghexin Translation Company will assign each document only to a professional and qualified translator, we will accomplish our work according to our working scheme, translation-edit-typesetting in order to assure unification in vocabulary, style, and language style of the documents, so the customer could get to know the translation process and verify document quality.

Service field

Including construction, engineering, metallurgy, electricity, electric, electric appliances, law, financial, investment, stock, financial and economics, software, multimedia, communication, telecommunication, chemical, medical, biology, agriculture, automobile, transportation, media, publication, railway, media, and literature etc.

Translation documents including: operation manual at the production line and equipment, engineering material, blueprint, bidding document, feasibility report, patent documentation, overseas study document, various kinds of standard specifications in Japanese such as notary document, laws document, business contract and company's introduction etc

Japanese translation partner

Sony(China), Toshiba, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd, Mitsubishi Corporation, Nikon(China),Toshiba, TOYOTA Motor Corporation, Nippon Life, Seiko Instruments Inc, Japan Airline, NYK Line(HK) Ltd, Shimadzu Corporation , Japan, Japanese trading company Apollo, Canon, Panasonic Electric(China),Japan Printing Ink Company.


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