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Translation price of notarization

Based on each-item,price floating around 40-100yuan,depend on each case(language and urgent level).details please check price standard, or call:0086-10-87213006



Beijing Yuanijinghexin Translation Company will supply professional translation service in notarization for you.

Notarization translation (including printing and seal)

Notarization certification is one kind of judicial document, the translation document should be simple and clear.

In many year from our service, we have translated large certifications in followings such as :marriage certification, diploma, school report, identification card, driving license, passport, business license, marriage certification, divorce certificate, residence permit, vaccination certificate, property certificate, company certificate and labor contract.

Legally recognizable qualification has received from the follows organs such as State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Embassy, exit and entry administration bureau of Public Security Bureau, judicial authority, notary office etc.


If you have any notarization certification to translate, please contact us .






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