Registration Information
Registration Information
Registration Information

Notes must be taken care of when translating

1、Company statement:

2、Our company only translates the documents commissioned by the copyright owners of the document or the customers who have the right of translation.

3、Our company does not undertake the translation or any form of proof-reading of the original documents that are not clear.

4、Our company will take the original text offered by the customer as the only reference and reject any requirement for amendment or surmise.

5、The company is only responsible for the accuracy of translation, but isn't responsible for the content or purpose.

6、Company reserves all the copyrights for the translation of the article. Any individuals or institution without the written authorization has no right to dispose of it. If the situation such as the copy, extracting, or modifying occurs, our company won't assume any responsibility for the consequences resulting from them, while reserves the right to make further reflection.

7、For the reason of confidentiality, the company is responsible only for 10 days to save the original version and translation. And it will be destroyed if overdue the scheduled time. The company is not responsible for retaining the translation version or disk after the manuscript is handed in. In view of the timeliness of cognitive translation, the customer should put forward the challenging opinions within 10 days after the receipt of translation. The company will not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the translation document if overdue the scheduled time.


8、Translation registration form must be concerned about the whole process of the checking of translation, and must be filled out accurately as a contractual document, the requirement for the font formatting, system and time for getting the translated document must be filled out in the translation column. The person takes the responsibility for the consequences caused by the mistakes made by the himself when filling in the form.


For more information on prices of translation, you can refer to the "price standard".
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