Price for overseas learning translation service

Based on each pieces, 50-80yuan each. Normally quote on integration of translation documents, the preferential treatment will be available if the numerous translation documents is required.


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Overseas learning translation information

Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company supply professional translation service for all kinds of study organs and immigration organization and personals. The preferential treatment and seal service approved by nation’s notary organs both in Chinese and English will be available.

Every year there are many young people go overseas to study, they need supply many kinds of document in order to get application visa, these application documents include admission information from school in abroad, (invitation), foreign language class hour's certification, diploma, school record, proof of income from the parents, tax certification, financial guarantees etc, all these certification needs to be offered with a seal both English and Chinese.

Every year, there are a lot of students from oversea come back to China, their documents from schools need to be translated into Chinese such as bachelor degree, master degree and PhD degree etc in order to show their learning experience to employer organs. Beijing Yuanjinghexin Company supplies all such services to customer.


We can supply preferential service of all such projections, because the overseas learning translation documents don't need very particularly strong professional translation. The English and Chinese seal of the company has legal effectiveness which has already approved by Administration Bureau of Commerce and Industry.

The following is the translation sample of degree:

Certificate for bachelor's degree


This is to certify that Mr. Wang Wei, born in Jiangsu Province on August 30, 1986 has studied for 4 years (from Sept.2005 to July 2008) in the department of Economics & Management majoring in Marketing, has completed all the courses prescribed in the Teaching Program, and has passed all the exams necessary for graduation from Nanjing University. Having fulfilled the requirements stipulated by the Academic Degree Regulations of the People's Republic of China, he is awarded the degree of Bachelor of Business.

Certificate for master's degree


Certificate of Master Degree University of Nanjing

We the undersigned hereby certify that Mr.Li Qiang having fulfilled the requirements of the Ordinances and Regulations of the University was by the University authority admitted to the Degree of Master of Business Administration at a Congregation held in the University on July 14, 2008.


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