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Patent documentation translation

Translation of patent documentation and relevant technology material is very necessary for economic and science development in our country. Compared to normal translation documents, the patent document translation has the following special features:

1. Involved in many expertise areas, the patent documentation has very strong field features; that field in the art could be divided according to international patent classification number.

2. Too much terminology and relevant words in laws: Too much terminology required translators not only has a very high level for translation skill but also required them hold relevant professional knowledge . For instance, when you apply patent in abroad, you should search relevant terminology of the patent document in abroad in order to ensure translation accuracy, so the translator should master the best research method of terminology of patent document.

3. Patent document phase should be very specification and the language should be rigorous. Patent document has some features in laws, and more fixed required of document phase and used word should be in specification.

Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company will following international regulation and set up relevant database on this basic, thus to increase validity and accuracy in patent document translation. At present, we have translated large patent documents for many foreign-related intellectual property agency and hold rich translation experience.



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