Beijing Yuanijinghejin Translation Company-Simultaneous Interpretation Company

Beijing Yuanijinghejin Interpretation Company supplies simultaneous interpretation service and equipment-renting service for large scaled international conference.

As a professional translation company, we hold a very rich experienced interpretation work team; many translators in our team hold qualification certificate from UN translation training courses, EU Interpretation Division, and Australia Translation Qualification Community both for interpretation and translation. Our simultaneous translator offered more than 100 times services in each year for large various conferences translation.

We hold very professional simultaneous technology and also equipment rent service, and offer large scaled conference interpretation service.

Simultaneous interpretation service
price standard
Simultaneous translator

3800-4500yuan/per person/per day
equipment for rent price standard

Microphone for international conference (include sound console, simultaneous translator, translation cover, 100 sets of simultaneous radio and earphone, translator, and speaker).
4000-5000yuan/One set/one day

4000-5000yuan/one set/one day

Note: the renting price mentioned in above table will be calculated as one day if service is less than one day.100 set of equipments will be calculated if less than 100 equipments are rented.20 Yuan per day rent of one set of equipment. Interpretation receiver will be regarded by host organs.2000yuan for compensation if the lost or equipment damaged happened. Any international conference which launched outside of Beijing, the host organs should be responsible for transportation, food cost and equipment charges for translation personnel.


If you want to know more about our simultaneous interpretation service in before, please see simutanience cases.

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