Simultaneous translation (Korean and Japanese)

Since 2002
China and Korean risk investment international forum (Tsinghua University)
The world printing conference (the Great Hall of the People)
International political, economy and safe forum in northeastern Asian regions (Foreign Affaires Department)
Economy forum between China and Korean (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
Boao Forum for Asia -- BFA (Foreign Affaires Department)

The program on CCTV (Just tell the true)
International economy forum in northeast Asian (Business department, Weihai)
Stoke forum between China and Korean (Korean stoke association)  
”Olympic sports and city plan “forum among China, Japan and Korea (China landscape Garden)
IT industry forum of China and Korea
Beijing modern” Sonata” Car conference
World tour of Samsung Electronics Co., Korea
Press publication of international Olympic top plan press publication 
The first round culture forum of China and Korea
Asian law forum among China, Korea and Japan
Fiber industry forum of China and Korea
NGO/NPO forum of China, Korea and Japan
Textile exhibition of Korea
The forum:” The president Luwuxuan came into power for 100 days”
Standardization forum among China, Japan and Korea
Business forum among China Japan and Korea
Leader of enterpriser’s annual conference of China
New-high technology forum among China, Japan and Korea
Internet game industry forum of China and Korea
Beijing modern new production” Elantra ”publication
Korea fashion textile exhibition
The first conference of digital TV and radio workgroup of China and Korea
Interview with the community president Jingzaizhe of trade community of Korea
Seminar of game software tech development of China and Korea
Managed to record on CCTV of the final arbitration in case of impeachment of the president Luwuxuan
A lecture of technical conferences of the president of JU group of Korea in Tsinghua University for small and middle enterprise
Academy Forums of 21 century for China and Korea
High tech exhibition on the 2nd round of China and Korea
Zhejiang Changxing trade and invest fair for interpreters forum
The 2nd international intellectual seminar of new civilization of China and Korea
Intern anal forum for” China, Japan and Korea FTA and China economic prospect”
The global CDMA Machine Card Separation Technology and market cooperation forum
Peace and development and security insurance summit among China, Korea and Japan
Interview of Yizonglong -Samsung Group president  
International forum of “partnership cooperation relationship between China and Korea and set up northeast Asian economic community”
Fashion textile exhibition of Korea
Forum of mayor from China and other countries.


Beijing Yuanijnghexin Translation Company supply interpretation and equipment to various large conferences for both home and abroad. About equipment lease, please have a look at equipment renting equipment renting requirement .

As a professional translation company, Yuanijingxin Company holds very rich working experience through the years. Many translators hold qualified certification that has been recognized by United Nations interpreter training, European Union translation section and Australia national translation qualification certification both interpretation and translation. Our interpreters have interpreted for various large conferences more than hundred times, and hold professional experience and background.

Simultaneous interpretation (English):

In 2005
State Quality Inspection Administration Great Hall of the People international quality inspection standard conference
Nokia Company Europe and the United States Telecom public management policy seminar
China Mobil communication; Nokia seminar
BEA system China Co.,Ltd
United States Wellington investment and management Consulting Limited; China People's Insurance Company
China broadband application development forum China Triple Play/IPTV forum
China International coir engineering forum
State Administration of Taxation of China and international economy cooperation development organization conference
Haier Group; IEC standard international summit forum (China Consumer Electronics exhibition)
Poli Group conference
VGS; China Zhongtie Group business conference 
Morgan Stanley Group, Minsheng Bank cooperation conference  
China international logistic forum
Hitachi hardware press publication
U.S. Federal Aviation Administration CAAC conference
China international CFO summit
Beijing high tech exhibition summit
BBOp membrane film international forum 2005 global annual assembly
Australia IT business forum
The People's Republic of China Ministry of Finance and Israel conference 
Austria Embassy in China conference 
China Guangda Bank and Standard Chartered business development and cooperation conference  
Coriolis Group, U.S. business conference
China residence area landscape design and detail plan international forum
Portuguese Embassy in China construction conversation
Ministry of Information Industry of the People's Republic of China WAPI project and international standardized organization mediation meeting
China international lottery forum
China bank cooperation business conversation 
Puhui group large format printing agent conference
Mining mechanical business conversation
Electrical factory business conversation
The 3rd sports industry annual meeting
Youth Chinese businessman summit 

Railway administration no residue track international forum
International conference of disabilities people of economic and social commission of Asia and pacific
The 1st high polymer international conference
World’s animation conference
Mobil transportation business and service, international seminar
Chinese European heating supply conference—modern gas and oil supply system
China Beijing Haidian. Zhongguancun global research and development department forum
The 7th Chinaguangcun PC festival investment and environment introduction and key project Promotion meeting
The 2nd round women principle world forum
U.S Wisconsin delegation
Shenzhen Pingan insurance Company headquarter
Asian PGA golf forum
Global water partnership international forum 


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