Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company is located in Chaoyang District Beijing, close to business center of CBD, It is a formal translation company registered in Beijing Administration Bureau of Commerce and Industry. The widespread electronic appliances such as telephone, fax, email and other high technology in today has made the translation company to offer better and convenient service to the customer, such conditions caused more fierce market competition and clear price scheme of the market, under the precondition of the competitive price of the market, good quality service of the company become especially important, being a long time our company has been insisted the service delivery at first and charges later, and such service theory is based on the basis of self-confidence of good quality of our service to be responsible to the customer also the same to ourselves. Being as a professional and faithful company, we have established a high reputation in the market trough many year’s efforts, so we will cherish this opportunity and make more effort and keep it in return to our customer.

We are also keeping the following principle as our service basis such as:

1. The reasonable price:

The reasonable price is comparing to the cost, the translation market of today just like fish and dragons jumbled together. Many customers just compare the rate from competitive market, but they couldn't make any sense of the effective cost. There is a professional adviser once told us some translation company always translate very large documents with translation software in order to mock lay persons, regarding such situation we just like industrial bystanders. Everybody knows, such condition get nothing of the translation cost, and made the customer earn nothing by paying very high price, the translation software and machine could works well only compliance with the outstanding skill from the translators, and reach full result with half efforts. So if the company asks very high price, that means swindle money from the customers, but lower price also can cause passive effectiveness to translation market. Our quote was made under the assurance of the good quality of translation and reduces profit at the greatest degree, so as to achieve performance price ratio.

2. The adequate speed

The translation amount for a translator is about 5000 words a day, 10000words maximum. (Normal doc),beyond such quantity it must effect translation quality. Of course there are some customer wants to share one large quantity documents to many translation department in an emergency , for such circumstances, we could use translation software tools like trados for help in order to reach the uniformity both from terminology and language texture.

Some customer confused about the translation condition, less quantity and more cautious of the translator and better quality,they think,but that is not true. An experienced translator could do better job both skillful and rapid, slow translation sometimes is the same meaning of low level of the translator, you should think twice if one translation company tells you they could translate 20000 words with good quality one day. This promise is doubtful.

3. Sufficient verification

Normally we ask the customer check the translation document very carefully at first instead of the paying at once. This situation according to quantity of the documents. We will be very careful to ask the customer better check up of the material while the time of translation so that they could more carefully verify documents in avoidance of pay off in hurry. Of course, the customer can also be allowed to know our translation procedure, to select part of the document so as to check up its quality. Being as a faithful translation company we will try our best to offer good service coordinate with the requirement from the customer.

4. Looking forward to perfection

Perfection thing is not existed in the world. But we could try our effort to make it possible. Translation is a hard brainwork, there are two ways-beings able to translate or unable to translate, there are not any two words with totally same meaning, there are many expressive methods and unlimited expression method of the language, so defect of the translation is existed. Being as a translation company, we will try our effort to reduce possibility of such passive situation and reduce such occurrences to happen. If such condition still existed, we will keep correction and adjustion try to achieve the great satisfaction from the customer, better judge the capability of a company is based on attitude and methods from problem-solving.

Simply to say, without faithfulness, there is no trust, without faithfulness, there is no benefit to gain. We hope the brotherhood at the same industry in China should safeguard the industrial orders hand by hand, being self-respect, self-regards and self -renewal with fairness competitiveness. Relay on self strength and face competitive market with the calm mind.


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