Thai language translation price

Thai language translation price
From Thai to Chinese: 220Yuan/1000 words
From Chinese to Thai : 280Yuan/1000 words


Thai language interpretation price:
Partnership and accompany interpretation service: 500-800Yuan per person, each day
Business and conference interpretation service : 1000-1500Yuan per person.,each day

The above is reference price for Thai language translation service, details please contact with 010-87213006



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Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company offers the professional Thai translation services (including translation, interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in Thai language)


Thai language background

Thai language is the official language of Thailand. It belongs to Zhuang-Dai language branch of Zhuang-Dong group of Sino-Tibetan Family, until today there are 5,000 million people speak Thai language, 4 dialects regions in middle area, the north, the east and the south area. The Bangkok word is the standard language of Thai. Dialect is the standard language of Thailand. There are 21 Vowel Sounds, 18 single vowel sounds, and 21 Consonants. include hyme: p、t、k、m、n、w,5 tones::33、21、41、45、14.Thai language is a localized type language; the basic vocabulary is based on most of the monosyllable. The composition and overlap method are widely used in forming of the words. Thai language absorbed large elements from Sanskrit and Pali language, Malay language and English. Thai had not any change of phase, word order and function word is the main method for impression of grammar, the basin word order is: subject-predicate-object. The attribute is in the behind of the central word. Some of the Adverbial is in before of the central word, but some are put in later. When the connection of the numerous, quantifiers and noun, normally the first is the noun, then numerous and then the quantifiers.

Recently, the development and cooperation in economy, science and culture between Thailand and China are continue growing up, the relationship between both parties are keeping going up. More and more Chinese companies go to Thailand to do business and every year many people from Thailand come to China to work, do business and also study. Many Chinese enterprises undertaking large projection in Thailand and these Chinese companies needs to translate many documents from Thailand to Chinese in order to better understand the investment situation and the regions. Until now many documents in fields of engineering, technology, laws, business and notarizations has become the daily translation work of our company.

Work team

Thai language is a minor language, at present rare people to find in China which could speak very good Thai language. But the talents in our work team which could speak not only very good Thailand but also Chinese. Some of them also very good in English, and they hold very professional skill and many years' work experience in language translation. Some people also have some working experience in overseas and hold qualified senior technical title, so whatever requirement of interpreter service or translation service, they could undoubtedly undertaking both of them.

Translation quality

Beijing Yuanijinghexin Translation Company will assign each document only to a professional and qualified translator, editor, and proof reader with years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter; therefore, we offer very high quality and a fast turn-around at a reasonable rate. We will accomplish our work according to our working schedule, that is our work schedule: translation-edit-typesetting in order to assure unification in vocabulary, style, and language style , so as to achieve satisfaction result from the customer.



Service field

Including construction, engineering, metallurgy, electricity, electric, electric appliances, law, financial, investment, stock, financial and economics, software, multimedia, communication, telecommunication, chemical, medical, biology, agriculture, automobile, transportation, media, publication, railway, media, and literature etc.

Translation document including: operation manual at the production line and equipment, engineering material, blueprint, bidding document, feasibility report, patent documentation, overseas study document, various kinds of standard specifications in Thai language  such as notary document, laws document, business contract and company's introduction etc.

Except translation, we also offer Thai language interpretation in many kinds of occasions (including translation, interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in Thai)

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