Financial, tax class
PT CHEIL sanxing Indonesia financial statement
 (U.S Trust Tax Collection)-- Mark L. Ascher
 (New Zealand Tax regulation: related to Trust affairs)-- ——John Prebble
 (Trust tax collection)
Lizhiyou annual examination report
Yixiesi examination report

Changsha accounting affair verification report
Beijing Qixingyun accounting affair verification report
Changsha Zhongxingaoxin accounting firm verification report
Chnagsha Zhongxingaoxin accounting firm verification report

Human Dekang medical science company article
Shangzhen Pengcheng accounting affair verification report
Shengzhen Zhongqing accounting affair verification report
Shenyang real estate assessment report
Suzhou real estate assessment report

Amendment of register assessment report
Construction land regulation license
Commercial residential building sales contract
Business registration assessment report
Logistic class
Logistic terminology
Wumei group online plan
Hehuangtianbai logistic localization
Haier localization administration system
Haier CP administration system 1000
Off-site data Tracking System
Distribution resource strategic Plan
Material requirement plan
Manufacture resource plan

Transportation class
Ximenzi transportation system (signal system, transportation administration result plan)

Light rail system technical document
Yahho football world website localization
Lining sports marketing analysis report
Lining sports various sportswear descriptions











Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company has collected rich translation experience through years, translation detail related to all kinds of business industries such as technical articles, (drawings), laws, business, financial, overseas material and notary information. The following is the reference that has been made in our company:

Mechanical equipment class
Blade CNC milling machine process center requirement
Goods requirement list and technical specification- high speed warper
Rapier invite bids (technical and specification)
CNC EDM Machine invite bids document
Transmission assembly performance integrated experiment-technical specification and requirement
Five-axis CNC universal tool grinding machine-technical specification and requirement
Adjust pads measure measurement and select machine- technical specification and requirement
Automatic winder invites bids material bid material
Flat screen printing machine invite bids material
Pavement Pavers bids material
Warping machine bids material
Fuel Dispenser manual
Mud rotary kiln furnace description
Supercritical unit, fuel-gas connection circulator group material examination and research report
O/N (NOx) Analyzer specification requirement
C/S (TAG) Analyzer specification requirement

Agriculture GMO biology safe administration regulation 

Agriculture GMO biology security assessment administration bases
Transgenic plants safety evaluation

GMO animal safety evaluation
Agriculture biology administration method
Agriculture GMO biology input security administration method


Invent 、Patent Class

Vertical magnetism record media (transformation) and assessment method

Probe card and assessment method

Live fingerprint technology

Electrical integration of control based on Bluetooth
Global patent Query database

IT类IT class

263 website group data center specification Quality Guarantee
263 e-hosting agreements Text

263 data port Broadband mode
Suggestion of Huawei company ORACLE application platform upgrade
Agilent search engine Login cooperation agreement

LED Rotating disk symbol

American online /AOL human resource administration material

China Unicom CDMC 1X digital cellular mobile communication network mobile station specification

China Unicom CDMA 1X digital cellular mobile communication network mobile station specification

Construction class

Construction program 1-AC of Kuwait Embassy
Construction program 2-PD of Kuwait Embassy
Construction group design of Kuwait Embassy
Lock system specification-Embassy

Multy construction projection Construction Contract

Medical class

Qi Huang Medicine and (Notes of the Yellow Emperor’s)

Venous hard-shell-type storage manual


Elikelize preparation research result in center of Russia clinical and surgical science of Medical and Science Institution


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