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All translation experts of our company are being rigorously selected, each one of them can proficiently master phraseology in more two industrial field, we’ll draw up the following workflow in order to assure good translation quality and offer high quality translation projecte.

Management system of workflow--Define working responsibility to persons who engaged in the related industrial fields and drew up the duty to each responsibilities in order to assure translation quality.

Relationship management system for customer--we can help the customer to control work process. Three working processes for translation projection, that is-translation, proofreading and edit and finally delivered to the customer. We have made substantial investments in CAT software in collection and arrangement of terminology and image library which enable us to maintain consistency and continuity element of translation projection.

On the other hand, we also hope you could sincerely cooperate with us in order to assure the best control of good quality with the following requirements:

1. The script and image of original manuscript must be very clear.

2. Necessary reference for translation document should be possibly offered so as to safe a lot of time against wasting time for checking up of necessary vocabularies. These references include: pre-translated documents, terminology and business communications.

3. If the original manuscript that you offer to our company is not the final one, please offer us the completed manuscript in order to avoid any trouble caused by constantly modification of the original manuscript.


4. Translation is a hard and a demanding task. Even the completed capacity from the translation of an experienced translator is possibly limited. Although a lot of translation company could offer rapid service, but to complete 1000 paged of a book in two days is not reasonable.
All these above requirements not only coordinate with the perfection of our work, but also for improve translation quality and speed.

Considerable result

If you are not satisfied with our service, you can contact with us at once, we can also offer the second service if even minor errors occurred, if the creation of the translation is in large errors, such service will be undertaken for the second time in free. We will try our best in avoidance for such thing happens.





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