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Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company offers professional translation service

Translation is the same as the scrip translation, this is not only an explanation of the literal meanings, but also according to context of words of the original text and language style in order to reach perfect in oral , slang and technique terminology .

Beijing Yuanjinghexin Translation Company offer translation service to all the parties including the state owned enterprises, foreign enterprises, and various of ministries and commissions, the offered language service is in more than 50 languages include English, French, Russian, Japanese and German and other languages, undertaking translation service in fields of IT,PC,electricity,financial,investment,insurance,transportation,mechnics,petroleum,natural gas, engineering, laws, technology, website, military, metallurgy, software, medical, bid proposal, commercial and textile etc.

In legal field: Financial, insurance, personal resource, financial statement, official letter, feasibility report, and annual report etc,

In technology field: large scale equipment, production manual at the production line, bid proposal include bidder and tender documents.

In law: contract, law regulation, articles, agreement, notarized document with seal covered, overseas application etc.


Translation service is not very tense timely; high quality at the time of translation is more requirements except information transformation of the document, the accumulation of useful knowledge both in eastern and western culture, the deliberation of the words and application of translation skill becomes more important in translation process.

If you want to know more about translation information, please see translation samples.

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